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 Seminar with Popovic Sensei Milan 13-15 Decembr 2019
About us

Why Okikukai Italy Uechi Ryu Dento Karate Kuroobi Kai?

We practice Uechi Ryu, one of the three styles of Karate originated from Okinawa.

For information about the style we suggest you to visit the site of our teacher, Vladimir Popovic Sensei.


Dento Karate because our teacher  follows the way of traditional Karate, both in contents  and in methods.

Kuroobi Kai, because we were a group of black belts, 2 and 3 dan, Okikukai certified, that have founded this Dojo located in Milan and Pesaro to be able to practices in friendship.
Why Popovich Sensei?

Popovich Sensei, 8 dan, that practices Uechi Ryu since 1973, combines a very high technical level and the generosity of many great Master of Okinawa. 

He teaches for free too; for us this is very important, because changes the reliability of the practice and the quality of the relationship quality.

Okikukai Italy, because we are part of Okikukai of Okinawa; someone has to get over it.


We also  are part of OKK , to spread the Okinawa Traditional Karate in Italy. 



In our Dojo we have a calligraphy of Master, Katori Shinto Ryu, Hatakeyama Goro.

It is a gift that some of his students have shared with us and that contains matter for a deep reflection.

The kanji of the calligraphy are translatable as Mu Shin, Mu Ga.

Mu Shin,  Empty Mind. It is a concept that recalls in a clear way the first and the fifth of the 8 Kempo laws.

Mu Ga, Empty Ego. It is a concept at the basis of  the personal practice of some of us.

As a Dojo we interpret it in terms of respect and gratitude for the masters of Okinawa that, with generosity,  share, many of them for  free, their knowledge.

Karate, for Okinawa’s styles, is an immaterial property, their cultural property.

We believe it is not correct to write books, act as a know-it-all, or earn upon the knowledge that they have cultivate and passed down gratuitously.

The Masters,  that gave us the gift of their knowledge, are taxi-drivers, teachers, truck-drivers, and in addition to the technique they gifted us with a relationship based on reliability and generosity outside of the egoic and egocentric schema, unfortunately present in part of Italian art martial word.


We practic in Milan; from monday to saturday, courses for children, beginners, advanced.
and in Pesaro.

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